About Me

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I'm a writer and editor with more than fifteen years of professional experience and published work.

I graduated from the University of Iowa, where I was accepted into the Iowa Writers' Workshop for fiction. I was an Arts & Entertainment reporter at The Daily Iowan, an editor for the University's literary magazine, and an editorial intern at Jane Magazine in New York City. I graduated with a bachelor of arts in journalism and English. I went on to write for Bay Area Business Woman News and became the editor of Skirt! Magazine in Jacksonville, Florida, where I won the magazine's Best Feature Award. I then became the women's section editor of The Florida Times-Union. I've reported and written more than a hundred published articles.

I've also worked as the sole marketing and communications professional for several non-profits specializing in health and social change, where I redesigned and rewrote websites, newsletters, brochures, handbooks, social media/email/text campaigns, fundraising and awareness campaigns, grants, manuals, programs, speeches, ads, press releases and more.

Most recently, I created CsectionMama.org where I write about maternity care and childbirth.

I'm on the board of Improving Birth and I've been on the boards of PRSA, AAF and Rotaract and a member of Rotary and American Healthcare Philanthropists (AHP). 

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and my first gig was writing for our East Bay newspaper, The Argus, when I was 16 years old, while I was the Entertainment Editor at my school newspaper. My passion for writing began in my early days, winning Young Author Awards for short stories and fiction in the Alameda County School District.